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Why I date London escorts

I know that we all have our reasons for wanting to date London escorts. They are some of the sexiest girls on the planet and I love being around. After several failed relationships, I have come to realize that a constant companion may not be for me. I am not very good at coming home to the same person all of the time. Some people like to spend time with one person throughout their lives, but I am afraid that is not for me at all. I like a bit of variety.


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Perhaps variety is the main reason why I like to date London escorts. Most of the girls at the escorts agencies in my part of London come from all over the London. Once you start checking out the local London escort services, you will find many things to titillate you. The dating culture here in London is now so diverse that you can date girls from India and even from Iceland. I think that the Scandi escorts working in London are some of the hottest escorts that you can hope to meet.

Then you have the Polish and Rumanian escorts, you are bound to found a couple of them at most London escorts services. I am not sure where the London escort service would be if it was not for the girls from countries like Poland and Romania. In recent years, it has become less and less popular for English girls to work as escorts. You would be lucky if you can find an English escort in London these days. And when you do, you may have to pay a small fortune for a date. Polish and Rumanian girls are very broad minded so a date with them can be exciting.

The range of services that London escorts offer are exciting as well. The girls here in London like to offer and introduce new ideas all of the time. I don’t know how much you know about escorting, but if you like to try something different, you should check out things like duo dating. This is rather a new dating service in London, and you get a chance to meet two hot bisexual ladies. When you have had a bit of experience of dating escorts in London, it may just be the sort of thing that you will really appreciate.

Most of the girls who work as London escorts try to get to know you. That is something that cannot be said for American escorts. I have dated a few of them Stateside and they seem to be too much into themselves to get to know you. For them it is all party, party and I am not sure that is for me. I like to meet up with my favorite escorts but at the same time, it is nice to meet a new girl. Most of the London escort agencies always have new exciting offerings, and it is nice to enjoy a little surprise every so often.

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