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Tips To Crank Up Your Sex Drive; Enjoy Your Man Even More

1830-11120Q2452539According to various studies that have been conducted in the last couple of years, men indeed have a stronger sex drive than women and thus think more about sex and seek it more avidly; therefore, if you have a man and want sex less times than him during the week, you should consider boosting your sex drive so that you can change this. In order to renew the passion in bed, you have to be encouraged to try new things and discover the charming and adventurous side of your sexuality.

Lose Yourself in the Moment

You do not always have to be naked and in bed with your partner to feel that tingling sensation in your genitals. In fact, like men, your libido can be triggered at any place and any time. You just have to learn to lose yourself in the moment. Women have the tendency of being uptight. Learning how to let go is the key to reconnecting with your sexuality. Being in the state of excitation for a very long time increases the desire, which can lead to more intensive sex that can last for many hours, so do not hold back on your libido, and if it increases, enjoy it.

Explore Your Body

Explore your erogenous zones with tranquility and dedicate special attention to the border areas. This will increase blood flow and increase arousal and sensitivity. Your genitals will be much more receptive and excitement will be much higher.

Utilize Both Hands

A lot of people only utilize one hand when they are caressing themselves, but it is often suggested by sex therapists that you utilize both hands in order to increase excitement and thus experience a greater pleasure.

Ask Your Man for Help

Tell your man to penetrate his finger in your vagina and caress your G-spot (which is about 3 centimeters inside the vagina) while his other hand caresses your clitoris. These sexual tricks can also be used during intercourse. Tell your man also to gently caress your clitoris with his tongue with light or fast movements. As you get excited, the area will become more sensitive. When this occurs, tell him to switch pace to a slower and gentler one.

Make sure to pause during oral sex to kiss and hug each other and also dedicate some time to caress your partner and give him some oral pleasure. When you return back to action, you will experience longer excitement and thus your orgasm will much more pleasurable, as you have taken the proper steps to reconnect with your sensuality.

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