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How to feel good about yourself

Ever since I started to work for Crystal Palace escorts, I have started to feel really good about myself. For years I was doing all sorts of dead end jobs in and around London, but things have certainly changed. If you like, you can even say that I have become more confident. Getting a job with the escort agency has truly changed my life and I now feel that I have something to look forward to.


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My friends think that I am nuts having taking a job with Crystal Palace escorts but I don’t agree with them at all. The rest of the girls that I grew up with seem to have nothing but arranged marriages and working in their families’ business to look forward. I don’t want to end up working all of the hours in a small mini market. Having struck out on my own, I realize that you need to take chances in life. That is something that really makes you feel good about yourself.

The gents that I meet at Crystal Palaces escorts are very nice and seem to enjoy dating a girl from a different ethnic background. I have to admit that I make the most of it and offer things like the other girls at the agency cannot offer. Tantric massages are very popular and the gents seem to love them. My dating diary is filling up nicely and that is something else that has given me a huge personal boost. I love it and I feel that I am doing something just for me.

When I first joined Crystal Palace escorts, I was really excited about the job. That helped me a lot and I have been able to hang on to that feeling. I don’t think that all girls are that excited about their jobs but if you are, it really helps a lot. The only thing that can be a little bit like hard work is working the night shift but you soon get used to that. My night shift is always busy so I see that as something really positive. If you stay in a positive frame of mind, you will feel better about yourself.

Some of the girls at Crystal Palace escorts do not make an effort to get on with each other. I am totally opposite. Making an effort to get on with the other girls at the escort agency is something that I get a real kick out of. I think that many girls think that they compete against in each other. In a way I suppose we do that, but if we work together, it should mean more business for all of us. I have this funny feeling that a lot of girls cannot see that. Talking to them about it helps a lot and I feel that I am doing something positive for others as well. It is so easy to do and once you feel good about yourself, you will do well in this business just like in any other.

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