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I don’t know if you have ever read the Sexual Lifestyle, but it is probably one of the best sites on the Internet at the moment. It is like a news and information site about porn, sex and erotica. I like the Sexual Lifestyle because they are not afraid of reviewing stuff like escorts services, porn movies and sex toys. They take on anything that has to do with sex, and turn it into a positive experience. So many sites around the world these days really victimize all of us who are into sex, but the Sexual Lifestyle never does that. It is really hot!

Recently the Sexual Lifestyle came to my rescue as I was planning a stag do. My friends and I wanted to arrange dates with some hot and sexy London escorts from for my friend’s stag do. It was a second marriage so we wanted to make it really special. There are a lot of different London escorts services, and we were not sure of what kind of escorts services we required. I sent an email to the Sexual Lifestyle, and they responded really quickly.


dating party with london escorts

Believe or not, I got an email from Tittiana Nilsson herself and she explained that I was looking of a particular type of London escorts services. It is called Party Girls, and it is basically a service where London hot babes put together the ultimate party experience for you. For instance, my friend’s stag party ended up being a great success after the London party girls planned his party. We ended up going around the ultimate pub and bar crawl around Soho, and we honestly had the time of our lives. In the end, we ended up in a lap dance club in Soho but I can’t really remember a lot after that. All I can remember that it was a great experience.

I did actually receive an email from Tittiana herself after the stag do, and she seemed really pleased that we had enjoyed our stag do experience. Honestly, I could not believe that Tittiana had the time to take an interest in our stag do, and it was just so cool to hear from her.
Prior to my experience of dating with Party Girls, I had not experience of dating with London escorts. However, the entire experience was so positive that I have now dated a couple of London hot babes.

I can’t believe how many hot girls there are in London, and I must say that London escorts of are fantastic. So many girls and women are stuck up these days but London escorts do not come into that category. They are really natural, and super friendly. I thought they were just going to be like sex kittens, but the honest truth is that they are kind as well. It may seem hard to understand, but I now finally appreciate why so many gents seek their company out. I am proud to say that I have become a big fan of London hot babes!

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