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A London Escort Save My Libido

I will put my hands up and say that I am not really great at relationships. In the last then years I have been through many different relationships and I don’t think that I have been able to get a single one of them right. The main problem always seem to have been mismatched libidos. My sex drive is perhaps a bit higher than average, and most girls do not respond to that. I love doing things like watching pornos with the girls at London escorts.

As a matter of fact, I really do get a kick out of dating a London escort. There is this one girl at London escorts who is my dream babe and we spend a lot of time together When I am with regular girls, I feel that I always have to put my breaks on my libido, but I don’t have to worry about that when I am around her. If you like, I can just let my sexuality go free and talk about anything. I am sure that is why so many gents date a London escort.

Over the years I have taken some drugs to suppress my libido. Valerian has helped a little bit, but it has not exactly made me feel good about myself. My babe at my London escort agency has told me that it can be dangerous to play around with these drugs as the can affect your endocrine system. It is better to let your libido function as normal according to my best girl at London escorts. The thing is that I am desperate for a permanent relationship and I have been willing to do anything.

Now I have learned that this is the wrong thing to do. What I really should focus on is meeting the right girl. The only problem is the kind of girl that I am looking for cannot be found in your neighbourhood bar. Last month I went to a Swingers party with my friend from London escorts. I had never been to one of those before. It was not my idea, my babe from  my best London escort agency suggested that I share some unique personal time with her. She did not even tell me what it was all about until we got there.

At the party, I met this sexy blonde. She was a solo swinger and introduced me to lots of the other people at the party. They were all very nice and I started to really enjoy myself. Out of the corner of my eye, I could see my friend from London escorts. She stood by the door in her short trench coat and seemed to be waving good bye. I followed my new friend into the main room, and realized that I felt good in her company. Since that day, I have not seen my babe from London escorts, but I have certainly found the woman that I have been searching for over all of these years. You can say that I have truly found my dream babe.

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